VANILLA MUFFINS Sugar Oi! Will Win!!! CD

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VANILLA MUFFINS "Sugar Oi! Will Win!!!" CD
HTR#16 (2002)

Originally released in the summer of 1995 in England on Helen Of Oi! Records, this is the Swiss punk greats, VANILLA MUFFINS debut album. . The album was out of print for several years and is now available again on CD w/ all original tracks,digitally re-mastered and re-packaged. 16 pg. booklet.

11 TRACKS...1.Good Night Elvis 2.We're Disturbing You 3.Chelsea : West Ham 4.Smash All Your Feelings 5.Out Of Hope 6.Capucine(Sans Elle) 7.Tribute Song 8.For What I Fight With You? 9.I'm Nearly Evil 10.An Old Flame 11.Storm Over England