v/a MIDWEST RULES You're Weak-We're Strong CD

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v/a MIDWEST RULES "You're Weak-We're Strong" CD Vol.2

HTR#21 (2003)

22 rare and unreleased tracks. 16 pg. booklet V/A Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Lexington, Oklahoma City, Kansas City... The 2nd volume in the MIDWEST RULES series. Real Midwest punk rock n roll angst for your real Midwest blues. Feat: BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, NINE POUND HAMMER , PHENOMS, ALMIGHTY HANGOVERS, BUMP N UGLIES, ROUSTABOUTS, MASHERS, TANKA RAY, GOTARDS, SOUTHPAW MANNERS, DAGGERS, FORGOTTEN FOUR, GRENDEL...

REVIEWS!!!!!!! RAZORCAKE #18 This is the second Midwest Rules disc that I've had the good fortune to come across and this will be the second time I gush about this quality collection of tunes played by pallid, corn-fed punks from the heartland. It starts out strong with a song from the Daggers, which is very Germsy with all the drunken aplomb of a sh-tfaced Darby Crash, and then goes into a ripping tune by the Phenoms which is very Candy Snatchers- esque. The remainder of the disc is rounded out with catchy, crunchy slabs of midwest anger by heavyweights like Bump n Uglies, Gotards, Mashers (sounding like New Bomb Turks back before they decided that saxophones sound nice in punk songs) and Nine Pound Hammer (and when did they get back together?... I gotta start paying closer attention to this sh-t.)