Image of THE STRANGER s/t CD


HTR#29 (2007)

Debut album from this Chicago band. Powerful & one of a kind punk-blues-'billy hybrid. Feat. mbrs. of Deals Gone Bad and The Peelers. Recorded by nutcase Dave Barrick (Brassknuckle Boys, Nine Pound Hammer,Nashville Pussy). You gotta check this one out, read the reviews.. 13 tracks w/ a 16 pg. booklet.

Tracks: 1.We'll We Lost One 2.The Arsonist 3.Straw Man 4.Prison Called Life 5.Pain Is Far 6.The Mute 7.Sweet Head 8.Hate On My Side 9.Turn Your Prisoners Out 10.Blood Vote11.Two Days Farewell 12.Psycho 13.Rain All Day

RAZORCAKE "Chicago four piece channels the back-to-basics, no-frills, clean guitar work and straightforward vocals of genre forerunners like the Cadillac Tramps and Twistin’ Tarantulas, as well as the layered depth of contemporaries like Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers. Worthwhile, attainable goodness for regular folk." –Jessica Thiringer

RAZORCAKE "A serendipitous collage of rock, garage, rockabilly, blues, punk, and more influences that resonate with me. The hard-rockin Prison Called Life backed with the dirgeful Missing Link and a great mussed-up version of Nick Cave’s “Thirsty Dog.” Pick this up for “Thirsty Dog.” Then do yourself a favor and pick up their self-titled CD. The band’s influences are given their proper due, like New Bomb Turks, Rev. HH, Gun Club, Smiths, Amazing Crowns, Thin Lizzy, and Nick Cave, as well as classic R&Band country artists. Think SWiG, Black Keys, Girl Trouble, Gas Huffer, et al. It’ll make you shaky, achy, and fevered. –Jessica Thiringer